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Guru Nanak was a prophet of religion and philosophy was not central to his teachings: Numerous dogmas there are and as many more intellectual disciplines.

The Sindhis were greatly influenced by Guru Nanak's teachings as he did pass through Sindh and expound his beautifully simple philosophy to the Sindhis of

Higher still is Truthful Living." ( Guru Nanak , Sri Rag) . Only the One True Lord is without woman" ( Guru Nanak , Var Asa). "They cannot be called satis,

Here is given information on the philosophies of Guru Nanak Dev. Read about Guru Nanak philosophy & teachings.

14 Jan 2008 1 Guru Nanak's Philosophy ; 2 On the Social Front; 3 Science of the Word, Naam; 4 The Coming of Islam; 5 See Also

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